About Credem

Credem, una fra le principali realtà private italiane, è una banca moderna con una tradizione centenaria, presente a livello nazionale in 19 regioni. Credem da sempre coniuga innovazione tecnologica e singole esigenze dei clienti, grazie all'intenso lavoro di specialisti costantemente impegnati non solo a soddisfare le necessità della clientela, bensì ad anticiparle, creando nuovi servizi e nuove competenze.

Facts & Figures

Industry Banking
Number of employees 6000
Number of active countries 1

The Research

Certification is only awarded to the best employers around the world: companies that demonstrate the highest standards of employee offerings. The Top Employers Institute’s research assesses all critical areas of the Human Resources environment, certifying organisations that can demonstrate they are continuously optimising employee conditions and leading the way in the development of their people.

The employee offerings of Credem

This is a selection of the Employee Offerings that this company offers to (some of) its employees.

Career and succession management

  • Job rotation
  • Training programme
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching

Flexible Working Conditions

  • Telecommuting/working from home
  • Flexi-time working
  • Part-time working
  • Employer contribution for child care

Learning and development programs

  • Coaching
  • Internship programmes
  • Job rotation programmes
  • Competency-based training programmes
  • Coaching programmes
  • Mentor programmes
  • Soft skill training programmes (e.g. feedback, time management, communication)
  • On-the-job training
  • Conferences/congresses/seminars (internal/external)
  • Workshops (internal/external)
  • Online training programmes (always available)
  • 180- and/or 360-degree feedback
  • e-Learning (module)
  • Simulations and learning games

Well-being programs

  • Safety programme
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Employee debt support
  • Preventative Occupational Health programme
  • Health screening programme