Regional Certifications

Regional certified Top Employers

Many certified Top Employers are active globally. For these multinational organisations, the Top Employers Institute also implements regional certifications. Organisations that successfully achieve regional certification can truly consider themselves at the top of an exclusive group of the world’s best employers.

Regional Certifications

Only organisations active in several countries within a specified region are eligible to participate in the Top Employers regional certification. These regions are:

  • Top Employers Africa
  • Top Employers Asia Pacific
  • Top Employers Europe
  • Top Employers Latin America
  • Top Employers Middle East
  • Top Employers North America

How does it work?

Each country division must participate in the HR Best Practices Survey and follow the entire process to become certified. Any organisation that achieves certification in at least five countries within one region deserves special recognition. The regional Top Employer Certification Seal is truly exclusive and reason to celebrate!

Why become part of this exclusive regional Top Employers community?

  • Earn independent international recognition and visibility. The independent research contributes significantly to international employer branding.
  • Align the HR environment internationally. The world’s leading employers are harmonising employee offerings and development opportunities. An international benchmark for global organisations is especially beneficial.
  • Be part of an exclusive and internationally renowned community of employers.
  • Advancing employee conditions worldwide.

What are the costs?

Besides the normal participation fee per country, there are no additional costs.

Learn more about the benefits of regional certification. Contact:


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“Working with the Top Employers Institute allows us to get a market reference and benchmark on best practices and new practices as well as inspiration from inside and outside our own business field. If we say that we care for people, we’d better do.”

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